I introduce to you my AirWheel H3s electric wheelchair which I am really looking forward to and which I was able to buy only thanks to your help!

 The wheelchair is very fast, provided its top speed is only 6km / h. It can be operated via mobile phone – I push the button and the wheelchair folds down so it can be easily put into the trunk of a car. Thanks to my new wheelchair I am now able to go shopping or go for a walk with my parents.


Load 130kg

Climb 8°

Max. speed 6km/h

Battery 524Wh

Recharging 5h

Motor 200Wx2=400W

Weight 29,5 kg

Front wheels 8 inch = 20,3 cm

Rear wheels 12,5 inch = 31,8 cm

Range 20-30 km 


Every month I pay for medication, drops in my eyes, I buy ointments, vitamins, drops from the Czech Republic against skin inflammation which are quite expensive but very helpful, drops in my nose and in addition my father has been at home for 8 months, had knee surgery and it is impossible to walk, has no income, only from this we live what my mom gets and from my disability pension which is not much, as I have written, we have a lot of expenditure on medicines, bandages and we have to live on something

Whoever decides to give me only 1 euro, thank you very much from the heart!
It is up to you to help me, I just believe that good people will still be found.

You can donate using PayPal, QR code, or my account number

IBAN: SK0465000000000016474374   BIC: POBNSKBA   Name of recipient Kristian Hulala (bank name: Postova banka)

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