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Every month I pay for medication, I buy ointments, I buy bandages, vitamins, I buy drops from the Czech Republic that are quite expensive but they help me a lot, I pay for special eye drops since my eyes are damaged, then I have to buy more eye drops because I have very dry eyes and I can't be without them, I buy a nasal spray as the mucous membrane in my nose always swells and I can't breathe. This is all about 170.- € + -
the doctor prescribes me enteral nutrition, but she can only prescribe two pieces a day, so I still buy one piece for each day to have three, but they are quite expensive, one carton 4 pieces 12-13 euros, these are drinks Ensure Plus Advanced, it costs me 90-100 euros.
I would need a static bike and a treadmill to strengthen my legs and muscles, my printer is already 5-6 years old and unfortunately it broke down, so I would also need a new printer, as I have to print documents to doctors. Since I have open wounds all over my body, I could use a PROLUX G® 36WA germicidal irradiator and especially now with this COVID situation. I would like to go on a healing stay to Croatia. I can't go into the water (sea), as salt from the sea would cause me more damage to my wounds, but the air does well to my wounds as well as my breathing, and it also helps me a lot for my psyche the change of environment since I'm always only at home.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to get to Croatia, as the finances will not allow us to do so.

but to improve my life it would I needed a lot more things.


Whoever decides to give me only 1 euro, thank you very much from the heart!
It is up to you to help me, I just believe that good people will still be found.

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Name of recipient: Kristián Hulala (Postová banka)

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